Eric Hansen’s op-ed essays reflect a bedrock belief that thoughtful conservation consciousness leads to healthy ecosystems -- and is as fundamental to the wellness of our world as treating people, all people, with respect.


A Place Where Water Sparkles
A Wisconsin water meditation - link to 3 minute audio and text on WUWM

Big Questions for Milwaukee's Harbor (pdf)
Is a petroleum products terminal the future we want for Milwaukee's lakefront?
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Weyauwega train disaster still resonates (pdf)
Wisconsin State Journal

Block Tar Sands Projects in Wisconsin
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel link

Tar Sands Oil Expansion is Risky
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel link

Enormous Mine, Enormous Consequences
Penokee Mine proposal is a pivotal moment.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel(PDF)

350: What We Need to Save the Planet
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (PDF)

Wisconsin Waters Threatened by Tar Sands Crude Oil Expansion
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel link

It was a big trout. A good trout. A good, big trout.
Metallic sulfide mine proposals in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
threaten the iconic Coaster Brook Trout.
Chicago Tribune

Winter is Lake Michigan's showiest and finest hour
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (PDF)
Also link to WUWM Lake Effect audio

Copenhagen, Climate Change and Common Sense Conservation in Wisconsin
Lake Effect program on WUWM public radio
Read a version (PDF) that ran in the Madison Cap Times newspaper.

Tar Sands Protest:
'When Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things'

Essay ran on Lake Effect program on WUWM public radio
Read it as it ran on Common Dreams (PDF)

Behind Wisconsin’s Wildlife Story:
A Remarkable Migration of the Human Heart

Essay ran on Lake Effect program on WUWM public radio
Read a version that ran in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper (PDF)

Penokee Range

Penokee Range in Wisconsin



Eric Hansen’s articles range from adventure features in Backpacker magazine to his essay nominations for “Wisconsin’s Ten Natural Wonders” in Wisconsin Trails magazine.


Day Hike: The Penokee Range 
Wisconsin Trails (PDF)

Out Of Sight:
Hiking Michigan's Trap Hills

Backpacker Magazine (PDF)

Wisconsin’s 10 Natural Wonders
Wisconsin Trails (PDF)


"Eric Hansen, a thoughtful Wisconsin author and conservationist, invokes success stories from the state's past and present as he muses on the Copenhagen climate change summit. It's a calming, hopeful piece in a time of nasty, violent invective about global warming"

Dave Dempsey, author and historian