Keynote Addresses, Pulpit Guest and Slide Show Presentations

Eric Hansen has delivered keynote addresses, workshops and slide show presentations for a variety of civic and environmental organizations.
He also has extensive experience as a pulpit guest, typically presenting on spiritual ecology themes.

Eric Hansen speaking Photo by Dirk Topham

"Eric Hansen, in his hiking book and in person, is an unusual mix of practicality and poetry. He helps hikers to stay on elusive trails and he prompts all of us to think about the larger meaning of the traversed landscape. What exactly is special about the U.P.? What is the power of this landscape? I look forward to an evening of practical advice and thoughtful reflection, all presented with great photos."

Jon Saari
President of the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition

Keynote Speaker

Themes for Eric Hansen’s keynote addresses include:

Sample of keynote media coverage in the Marquette Mining Journal (PDF):
Take a hike!
Author will walk through adventures


Slide Shows

Eric Hansen's slide show presentations illustrate the compelling landscapes of Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula and the Grand Canyon (Hansen is a veteran of 36 treks in the Grand Canyon).

These presentations – typically done in partnership with organizations such as Audubon Society and Sierra Club chapters or outdoor expos such as Canoecopia and the Quietwaters Symposium -- have drawn notable attendance throughout the region.

Sample of slide show media coverage in the Appleton Post-Crescent (PDF)
Author to share beauty of great outdoors


Pulpit Guest

Eric Hansen has been a pulpit guest for dozens of congregations throughout Wisconsin as well as in Michigan, Illinois and New Jersey. Sample themes are:

When Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

Catastrophic climate change is upon us --prompting an urgent review of a fundamental question: how does individual courage provide the spark for communities to transform themselves, to take action? Eric Hansen perceives compelling answers within nearby storylines of individual and community courage -- the stories of Ojibwe leader Walter Bresette, Victory Garden Initiative director Gretchen Mead and climate change hero Tim DeChristopher.

Our Ferocious Love of Life vs. Catastrophic Climate Change

“Humans, both as individuals and societies, have confronted towering crises before. What lessons and hope can we draw from those experiences? How do humans perceive that a crisis is at hand – and that an immediate change in course is wise? What moves individuals and groups to speak out and mobilize their fellow citizens?"

Behind Wisconsin’s Wildlife Story:
A Remarkable Migration of the Human Heart

Author Eric Hansen believes our regional conservation legacy offers rich spiritual lessons for the environmental challenges we face today. He will explore the mutually beneficial relationship between Wisconsin’s resurgent populations of charismatic wildlife and the conservation consciousness that led to that success. His presentation will expand on themes he highlighted in a widely-acclaimed op-ed essay that ran in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Sample of pulpit guest media coverage in the Racine Journal-Times:
Believing in change: People can make a difference, Eric Hansen says